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Gerrod Trytten

Founder, CEO

"Coach G" - is the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of TNT Elite Hoops, LLC., where he provides elite level basketball training and specializes in individual player development. Since 2006, he has been a vital part of basketball training throughout Central Florida. He has been involved with players competing at a local, state-wide, national and international level. His passion and dedication to his players and their development are proven each day. His abilities to enhance a players game comes from his understanding of each individual and working with their uniqueness. 

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Rogelio Christian Olan

Manager, Lead Trainer, Head Coach

"Coach Ro" - a true example of what hard work and dedication will do for an individual. He has had the opportunity to learn, grow and develop into one of the more elite level trainers in the country. Driven to see his players get to the level they envision themselves, he makes sure that they give their absolute all every second out on the floor. Coach Ro played his collegiate career at Penn St Altoona. Unfortunately, had multiple ACL injuries over his career there but finished up and also began falling in love with basketball player development. He has  not only developed into a competitive athlete over the years, but he's also matured into a positive role model and a leader. He is a gift to the basketball world and will impact players in the Central Florida area for a long time! 

MtC - Nick.jpg
Nick Trapp

Founder, CFO

"Coach Nick" - is the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of TNT Elite Hoops, LLC., where he provides elite level basketball training and specializes in individual player development. Since 2010, Coach Nick has demonstrated his value to the game of basketball through his established training methods. He strives to make each moment count on the court with his players, as well as always leaving them with a focus or goal to improve. His strong love for what he does is shown daily through his commitment to players becoming successful both on and off the court. 

MtC - Aubrey.jpg

Aubrey Daniel

Lead Trainer and Head Coach

"Coach Aub" - an incredible part of TNT Elite Hoops, where his knowledge, experience and ability flourish. After playing fours years of collegiate basketball as well as playing for the Virgin Island National Team,  he decided to move in a direction of assisting athletes pursuing their goals with basketball. Coach Aub has been committed to helping players grow on and off the court through the game of basketball. He's able to teach, motivate and challenge players to become the best they possibly can at what they dream to do. This has been seen with every player he works with, as he's fully prepared and capable of working with NBA level athletes all the way down to the "new to the game" players. He truly loves being on the basketball court and around this game. 

Damien 'DJ' Winston

Lead Trainer and Head Coach

"Coach DJ" - is a highly skilled player himself with a variety of moves, combos, counters and go-to's. He played alongside NBA player, Anfernee Simons at Edgewater High School as well as other high level D1 athletes. He played his college basketball at Indian River State. He stepped on board with us as an assistant coach to our Post Graduate team where he began to fall in love with the skill development side of the game. His passion to help players develop and grow. As one of Florida's brightest young coaches, Coach DJ has worked with basketball players at all ages and levels, from NBA draft picks to our rising stars. He is a gift to the game for a lot of basketball players as well as a blessing to TNT Elite Hoops.

Terrance Lawrence

Lead Trainer 

"Coach T" - dedicated to the game, Coach T has proven his commitment to the players, to studying film, to expanding his knowledge and overall game, as well as he ability to teach, breakdown and relate to the athletes he works with. He connects with players at all levels, and does a phenomenal job making sure athletes learn the details behind what is being focused on. Coach played basketball at Trinity College (FL). He has worked with our youth athletes as well as our collegiate and professional players. The phrase, "This game is my life" represents Coach T.    

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