*TNT Elite Hoops Player Development*


Group Training Sessions:

High School - Monday & Thursday, 6pm

8th Grade (2025) - Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 4:45pm

7th Grade (2026) - Tuesday, 5:45pm & Thursday, 4:45pm

Rising Stars (Elementary) - Tuesday & Thursday, 4:30pm


NO.DAYS.OFF - High School & Select Middle School, 1-2:30pm

Individual Training Available 7 days a week, by appointment


Text Coach G & Coach Nick (in a small group message)

407-484-8929 & 321-331-4736

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Basketball Skill Development

* Individual Development

* Group Skills Training & Competition

* Team Training

* Tournament Teams

* Strength & Conditioning

* Speed & Agility

* Vertical Jump & Explosive Movement

We focus on building stronger, faster, smarter & highly skilled basketball players from the inside out. We break down the details of the game for players to understand the importance of their fundamentals to further develop their game. We strive to help each player reach and surpass their goals.

We are OPEN 

TNT HoopSquad Basketball Tryouts - Jan 3