Developed Athletes (typically 18+ or well-matured)

TNT trainers are proud users and distributors of Advocare products and use products specific to their needs on a daily basis. TNT encourages all of their athletes to use Advocare as part of their training regime. It is very important for athletes to know and understand each product and how to use the product correctly!

Recommended products for the developed athlete who is interested in gaining muscle:​​
  • Meal Replacement Shakes
  • Muscle Gain
  • Post Workout Recovery
  • Catalyst
  • Nighttime Recovery
  • Spark
  • Rehydrate

Please contact Coach Gerrod Trytten and/or Coach Nick Trapp in regards to the schedule of taking products. We will not only create a schedule on when to take the products but we will also provide food suggestions for each meal of the day based on what you (your child) are looking to accomplish. 

Remember this is not a quick fix, this is meant to be a lifestyle change. This lifestyle for you (your child) will need to be learned and applied, results will occur as long as you trust and follow the process!